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20000mAh Mi powerbank 3 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh Pro
The Mi Power Bank 3 supports USB-C for both input and output, at up to 45W. If you use a 10W charger, it will take about 11hrs to fill up the 20,000mAh battery capacity, but if you have a more powerful 45W charger, that time will be slashed to 4.5hrs. Beside the powerful USB-C port, there are two USB-A outputs rated at 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A if only one port is used, or 5V/3A when both are.

The Power Bank 3 supports pass-through charging as well, which can be very handy when you want to leave it plugged in overnight. If you connect other devices to it, it will charge them first then fill itself up.

Xiaomi Power Bank 3 Pro:
  • Which can charge your laptop
  • USB-C 45W two-way quick charge
  • Three USB output
  • High quality lithium polymer battery
Xiaomi 20000mAh Power bank 3 Pro
Power Banks
Original 20000mAh Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 External Battery Bank 15W Quick Charge Powerbank 10000 PLM09ZM with Dual USB Output
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5,150 KES
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